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Ducks Are Messed Up: A Study, Bitch

Dude like anyone reads my description anyway
Jul 28 '14


Oh my god.

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Jul 7 '14


sticks and stones may break my bones, but language dictates everything from social norms to legislation and it’s indeed often used to bolster violence and oppression sooOo

Jul 2 '14

give em the ol razzle dazzle


give em the ol razzle dazzle

Jun 30 '14



Unwilling to speak about anything but how gently this baby says “cheese” today. Thank you for understanding.

2nd time I reblogged this. this vid can end wars

Jun 30 '14


(linda from bob’s burgers voice) ALRIIIIGGHTTTT

Jun 7 '14


I have no idea how funny I actually am but if I make other people laugh as hard as I make myself laugh then I’m at least twice as funny as Seth MacFarlane

Feb 23 '14


when my friend told her drug dealer that she was transgender he immediately started using the correct pronouns for her and her parents dont so theres an issue there

Feb 19 '14

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Feb 17 '14
Feb 12 '14


For real though why do boys complain about kissing girls who have red lipstick on? It just gets on your lips so now you’re wearing it too?? It’s a free makeover and now you’re lookin fab why complain??? So ungrateful?????